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Tripple Kay Brothers FAQ'S

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Do you have Questions about what to expect when shipping Internationally? Ask A Question

Read below for our top 5 frequently asked questions.

What are the requirements for shipping a vehicle internationally?

According to the U. S. Code of Federal Regulations in Title 19, legal requirements for vehicle export include:

  • The shipper should have the car’s title, proof of insurance and registration readily available.

  • If you don’t own the car, you are required to have a notarized letter from the lien holder of the car authorizing you to ship the car overseas

  • If the vehicle is a new car that has never been titled, it can be exported by submitting a document known as a manufacturer’s statement of origin in lieu of the title.The manufacturer’s statement of origin may be obtained from the auto dealer.The original and two copies must be presented to Customs

  • The car shouldn’t contain any personal belongings due to liability reasons. Exceptions are the spare tire, jack, floor mats, factory equipped kit and child car seats.

  • The gas tank should be no more than 25% full.

  • The battery should be fully charged and the tires properly inflated.

  • In the event the car has mechanical problems, it should be documented along with special instructions if needed and given to the driver.

  • Carefully check the car for any damages before shipping. Any damages should be documented.

  • Both the vehicle and documentation must be presented to Customs at the port of exportation. The vehicle cannot export from the U.S. until Customs has reviewed the documents and issued a release.

What are the requirements of shipping household goods internationally?

  • A detailed list of the goods you are planning to ship should be provided to TBK before loading. Certain items may be restricted. Items that can be classified as hazardous (including paint, cleaners, oils)- even if they are for household use –may require special documentation.

  • Food, vegetable or animal products cannot be shipped together with household goods.

  • All the items should be palletized, boxed, and/or crated.

Can Tripple Kay Brothers guarantee transit time?

  • Tripple Kay Brothers estimates a 6-8-week transit time to most international destinations. Please note that all the dates we provide are called Estimated. ETD –estimated date of departure. ETA- estimated date of arrival. The transit time provided in your booking confirmation is also estimated. Weather and other circumstances may arise beyond our control which can sometimes cause delays.

What is required for Door to Door Service?

The following is required to be fulfilled when you choose our Door to Door Service:

  1. A detailed list must be given and should include all items in your barrel as well as the quantity.

  2. A value of the main items in the barrel must be stated on the list (value cannot exceed US$500)

  3. Upon inspection if value exceeds $500, additional customs amount may be required abroad before your goods are delivered.

  4. Door-to-door barrels, boxes, etc. should only include food and clothing, no appliances.

  5. If appliances are included, you may be charged additional amount at the destination. (extra fees may apply for boxing and crating)

  6. Please note that you must give a telephone number of recipient to ensure that they can be contacted.

  7. A complete address abroad including street, parish, and town must be given to ensure efficient delivery of barrels.

  8. Tripple Kay Brothers will not be responsible for items that are not listed.

  9. Recipient must be informed that they should inspect the barrel in the presence of the representative before signing that they have received their goods in good condition.

  10. Tripple Kay Brothers is not responsible for items reported missing once you have signed the declaration form.

What is Tripple Kay Brothers packing and shipping schedule?

  • We receive our containers on a bi-weekly basis. Once we receive the container our job is to properly fill the 40 FT container. When the containers are packed, they will then be transported to port.

  • Tripple Kay Brothers we will provide you with our international shipping schedule so that you are aware of when your shipment will be picked up. TKB will also provide you an estimated time of when your shipment will reach port and also a tracking number for your shipment.

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