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What is Ocean Freight?

What is Ocean Freight Logistics?

Ocean Freight is a reasonable shipping option to import and export goods that have been containerized by way of an ocean vessel. Ocean Freight is one of the most inexpensive transport services; for the reason, that your cargo isn’t measure by weight and the mode of transportation(vessel) is more cost efficient. It takes longer than air, however it is well worth the wait financially.

A freight forwarder is an expert in freight logistics. Freight forwarders organize the transport arrangements and secure the 20ft or 40ft shipping containers to accommodate goods. Freight Cargo is transported from a company’s warehouse/loading area to the port of departure, shipped overseas, and finally arriving at the port of destination. With most Ocean Freight Logistics companies, you can arrange for door to door service; where your shipment will ship from the door of the shipper to the door of the receiver. Freight Forwarders do not operate the vessel only organize the transportation of your shipment.

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