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Payments Terms & Conditions

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

At Tripple Kay Brothers, we want to make your experience easy.

We offer a wide variety of payment options including Cash, Bank ACH,Credit Card, money order, cashier’s check, certified check, and Cashapp. To ensure prompt delivery of your shipment, payment must be made before the shipment and deliverable are received, until and unless prior arrangements have been approved.

Payments Accepted:

  • Personal Checks

  • Bank ACH

  • Cashier checks

  • Traveler’s checks

  • Certified checks

  • Company checks

  • Money order

  • Credit Card

  • Cash

  • CashApp

  • Wire Transfer

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Tripple Kay Brothers LLC. You may also mail or courier your payment to our company address. Wire Transfers are only valid for accounts in the USA and Ghana. Some forms of payment may occur fees for processing. Bounced checks or returned checks will be subject to a fee in accordance to our processing bank.

For more detailed information please email or call 678.362.7337.

Tripple Kay Brothers

3213 Humphries Hill Rd.

Building 1, Austell,Ga 30106



-You are not transporting any stolen or illegal goods.You are not transport anything that is not awarded clearance into the destination of shipment. Meaning- Guns, agriculture, seeds, illegal chemical substances of any kind and ect.

-You as the shipper are responsible for being in compliance to all customs ordinances. If your shipment is found liable for not complying with international shipping regulations you(the shipper) will be held liable for charges Tripple Kay Brothers LLC. will occur on your behalf.

-We must receive the verification of payment from the bank before any shipments are processed and delivered. Payments via Credit Card or Bank ACH will be subject to a 4%-6% Processing Fee. If payment does not reach us in time or the payment does not get approved, Tripple Kay Brothers LLC cannot be held responsible for any extra storage or incidental charges.

-Any bounced checks or returned payments are subject to a fee occurred from the processing bank. All Transactions including promotions are final and will not be refunded unless permitted.

-Exceptions in delayed payment can be made after DIRECT authorization from Tripple Kay Brothers LLC.Unless informed, failure in making the payments can result in a lien or forfeit of property/shipment to Tripple Kay Brothers LLC. This will include storage charges along with security of subsequent shipments.

-If you have not paid your balance by the time of shipment/delivery you will be charged a storage fee of $100 per day for 7 days. If after 7 days an arrangement has not been met your shipment will then will be forfeited to Tripple Kay Brothers LLC.

-Tripple Kay Brothers LLC is not responsible for acts of nature or arbitrary custom holds. All Delivery times/scheduling are estimated. Delivery schedules are subject to change at any time without notification.

If you have any questions of what those ordinances will be please contact

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