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Have you decided to send a shipment overseas?

Here are 10 tips to help you prepare!

Make sure you have the proper tools to ship internationally. Remember your items are valuable and you want them to make it to their desired destination intact.

  • Use Heavy Duty Boxes- TKB Can provide these for you with our .

  • Never mix breakables with non-breakables.If you don’t have a choice, put the heavy items to the bottom, and sufficient packing between items

  • All items should be wrapped, and packed separate from one another in bubble wrap, paper, cloth, packing peanuts, and even expandable foam. Always pack items in boxes firmly, with appropriate spacing between box walls, and objects inside.

  • Plastic Bag—protect your items inside of your shipping container.

  • Do not over pack your shipment. Contact us if you need assistance.

  • Box and Crate furniture and appliances- TKB can help you secure these items with ease.

  • Ship new items without broken seals in the original packaging.Avoid shipping open items.

  • Know your customs regulations for intended country.

  • You must inventory in your shipment to pass customs.

  • Consider protecting your investment—give yourself peace of mind by adding insurance to your shipment.

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